Public encouraged to have their say on Ashchurch masterplan

Members of the public are being invited to have their say on a Tewkesbury Ashchurch concept masterplan.

The plan, which has been developed by Tewkesbury Borough Council and supported by Homes England, reviews the housing potential in Ashchurch to help meet the housing need in Tewkesbury.

Carrying out a review to meet the housing need in Tewkesbury is a formal requirement following the 2017 adoption of the Joint Core Strategy (which sets out the need and location for employment and housing sites across Gloucester City, Cheltenham Borough and Tewkesbury Borough up to 2031).

As well as considering housing potential, the masterplan also identifies the necessary infrastructure needed to support this development, including a new bridge over the railway, new schools including a secondary school, and the provision of number of neighbourhood centres.

The public can have their say on the concepts within the plan at a drop-in event at Ashchurch Village Hall on Friday, 23 November from 3.30pm to 7pm.

Leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council, Councillor Rob Bird, said: “This is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in Ashchurch to have their say about the best way to provide for the needs of the community, and influence the outcome. This is a concept, which needs to be shaped by the people it provides for, and this is how you can influence it. Whether you’re a resident or you work in the area, or may do in the future, please come to the drop in sessions to find out more, ask questions and tell us what you think.”

Members of the public can also view the Ashchurch Concept Masterplan here:

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Aerial Image of new proposed site

Saveourlanes are still working hard preparing for the Appeal Hearing on the 27th/28th March 2018 for the planning application by Ecotricity for an Anaerobic Digester in Fiddington. Nearer the time we will be asking for your support as we would like a large community presence at the council offices on both days. Thank you in advance

Our Statement of Case has been submitted to the Secretary of State’s Planning Inspector plus an Addendum which references a similar Appeal for an Anaerobic Digester in West Sussex. Although the reasons for the two appeals are somewhat different there are many similarities such as landscape, amenity harm and transport issues. We are very encouraged that the West Sussex appeal was dismissed by the Inspector who gave much weight to the impact on residents and users of the area.

Our representation documents are available on our website –

We are also delighted with the efforts of Ashchurch Rural Parish Council, Stoke Orchard and Tredington Parish Council, Robert Hitchins and CPRE who along with several members of the public have submitted representations; these can be seen on Tewkesbury Borough Councils Website.

We are extremely pleased to have so far raised £5000 from your kind donations and with the generosity of ARPC it has enabled us to employ the invaluable services of professional planning consultants to advise and generate our reports. We certainly could not have done this with the “planning detail” necessary without the consultants input.

However this is only the first step. Following the Hearing, the Inspector will make a decision which will be final! So to ensure that we have the best possible chance to succeed at the Hearing, where the Inspector will interrogate and challenge our reports we have been strongly advised to be represented by our Consultants.

Consequently to fund the cost of the Consultants preparation and attendance at the 2 day Hearing we need to raise a further £5000. It is a lot of money but there is no alternative.

As you will see below, we are organizing some fund raising events. However with the challenging new target we make no apologies for again requesting donations, if this appeal is upheld it will have a significant negative impact not only on the community of Fiddington and the surrounding area but also for all those who use the quiet lanes for recreation, not only in Fiddington but also along the delivery routes.

If you are able to make a donation but have not yet had the opportunity or if you have already generously done so, then given the challenge before us we must call upon your generosity again and ask if you are able to donate more.

Donations can be made directly to our bank account; details are shown below or if you prefer cheques or cash can be dropped off at John Hargreaves, Hill View Fiddington.

Fundraising Dates for your Diary. In the months leading up to the hearing we are organising some fund raising events. We do hope you will come along and support us as it is good to know that we have the Communities backing.

  • Coffee Morning at Home Downs Farm from 10.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday 13th January 2018 when donations can be made
  • Quiz night to be held on 26th January 2018 at Sherdons Golf Centre, teams of 4 at £10 per person to include a fish & chip supper so come along and join in the fun. Entry forms are available on our website or from Sherdons Golf centre. Kindly supported by Tewkesbury Green Party.

Coming soon Saveourlanes ‘T’ Shirts……
We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas for future fundraising events

We now need your donations

Although we have had support from ARPC, due to the additional cost of fighting the 2nd appeal and the cost of our planning consultants attending the hearing, we still need to raise in excess of £6000, unfortunately as we go forward and we continue to strengthen our case, this figure may rise, we will endeavour to keep it to a minimum, but we will only get one chance to fight this. In view of this, and when you consider the impact the proposed Gas Plant will have on you and your family, from not being able to use the lanes, through to the devaluation of your property, we hope you will be as generous as you can, whether it is £10 or £500 it will be greatly received. Thank you in anticipation. You can either donate with a Bank Transfer (details below), or drop a cheque or cash to John Hargreaves, Hill View, Fiddington, GL20 7BJ

All donations will be treated in confidence

Bank account
Name – Save Our Lanes Community Association
Bank – TSB Bank PLC
Address – PO Box 1000 BX4 7SB
Sort Code – 77-68-33
Account – 02095368


Proposal Erection of biomass-based anaerobic digestion facility and associated works.
Land Parcels 7946 And 9067 300087 Walton Cardiff Road To Newtown Farm Ashchurch Tewkesbury Gloucestershire


Proposal Erection of biomass-based anaerobic digestion facility and associated works.
Land Parcels 7946 And 9067 300087 Walton Cardiff Road To Newtown Farm Ashchurch Tewkesbury Gloucestershire



Tewkesbury Green Party objections to the proposed development of an Anaerobic Digester at Fiddington

In general, the Green Party is not opposed to the development of Anaerobic Digesters as an alternative means of producing cleaner energy (as opposed to fossil fuels, nuclear energy). However, in the particular case of the proposed development of an Anaerobic Digestion facility at Fiddington, Tewkesbury Green Party object to Ecotricity’s application to build a plant in this location. We support the views expressed by local residents through the ‘Save Our Lanes’ group, that the size, location and activities of this plant will be highly detrimental to the landscape and local environment and will irrevocably change the character of this rural area.

The Tewkesbury Green Party think that:

  • the scale and character of the proposed plant buildings is inappropriate to this rural location and will obtrude upon the landscape

  • there will be a big increase in the number of large vehicles using narrow lanes 365 days a year, which will have a negative impact upon air quality, noise levels and quality of life for local residents

  • the safety of all local road users will be compromised, but in particular vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and horse-riders will be at risk, as large vehicles attempt to negotiate narrow lanes not built to take the volume or size of traffic associated with the plant

  • the designated route to the plant is one which will require much longer round-trips from farms to plant, by large vehicles using diesel fuel. This will result in increased use of fossil fuels, plus air quality issues for local residents. The vehicles used will be slow and impossible to pass on parts of the route, causing considerable disruption for other road users. Vulnerable road users are likely to be discouraged from using the lanes altogether.

Tewkesbury Green Party also object to a development which will provide subsidies to farmers to produce crops for fuel, rather than crops for local consumption. Sourcing of feedstock and the transporting of it are key issues when considering biomass developments and in the case of the proposed Fiddington plant, we do not believe that these issues have been properly addressed.